Sacred Sexuality. Death. Transformation.

Ever since the luminous moment of being created as a bond between mother and father, and further, along all the way, our life’s path is permeated by the bright thread of sacred sexuality. That is Eros – the creative and life-hungry libido, the joyous life force. Its opposite and simultaneously an ally is the archetype of Death – Tanatos. Everything in our lives happens on the axis of this interplay between Eros and Tanatos.

We aim to meet ourselves and others, as well as powerful primordial archetypes, that unconsciously reside in each of us. Rejuvenate in your authentic power, light, and accepting flow of love! All of that happens in Drusti, in a vast, naturally secluded, and unusual place surrounded by forests, rivers and lakes, creating the feeling of being in a magical castle on an island beyond the time.

Transpersonal body and breathing practices, art, working with plants and aromas, drama and performance, myths and masks, mandala dances and special breathing sessions, creating labyrinths, song evenings by the campfire, systemic constellations and neurographica, tantric practices and holodynamics.

Work both in groups and individual sessions by agreement with specialists (massage, Rebozo scarf sessions, metaphoric cards, etc.).

Sacred sexuality. Death. Transformation.

21st – 24th July 2022

Drustu parish, Guest house “Pļavnas”
(130 km from Riga, between Rauna and Jaunpiebalga)

Registration information is here

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