I Own My Feelings: Taking responsibility for own emotions – greatest transformation in the society.

I invite you to visualise a little child, who is screaming in a shop or a teenager whose grades have dropped and the child’s parents are utterly upset – irritated, angry, disappointed. Now listen to what they are saying… “You make me angry!” “Because of you I feel irritated!” “If you’d do better, I would be happy”. The child grows up and continues blaming others for his/her behavior and emotional reactions, expecting the others to change their behavior, way of thinking in order s/he can feel good. And behaving in a way s/he thinks others like. This continues from generation to generation.

I work with emotions, during the deepest times of sorrow and many other feelings in grief. Grief for me is a transformational process, can be a transformational process, where the key lies in emotions. I invite you to step on the journey of emotions, the simplicity of life, seeing yourself from a different perspective and perhaps shaking your own belief system that impacts the way you see your emotions.


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