Growth in times of change

Students from the University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy who participated over the web with their teacher Piret Eit. Photo is done and sent by Piret herself.

Reconnecting with self, nature as a healer, creating change, bringing people closer to the nature, closer to their heart and listening for their body are only few key points that spoke to me during the E-Forum “ACTIVE CITIZENSHIP: YOUR GROWTH OPPORTUNITIES”. An inspirational meeting with inspirational people.

During my speech, I focused on the reality of change, its impact, the emotional reactions to change. During the practical exercise, I verbalized the sensation that often happens when somebody is fully focusing on us. Sometimes discomfort appears, sometimes tears fill the eyes, sometimes it can feel funny, sometimes deep, sometimes it feels I want to run away, and sometimes the body is filled with peace. Such variance of reactions. All normal emotions of being human.

I started thinking today – how much we have experienced in life that we are seen. Is it comfortable to be seen or it seems dangerous, scary, uncomfortable? When was the last time with somebody who was fully there for you – full body and mind and heart connection. Who looked into your eyes, wanting to discover and see you. Have you experienced it?

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