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My passion in life is to find alternative ways how to approach human mind, body and soul to support people in connecting to their true universal being. This to my belief impacts the quality of life of oneself and others surrounding the person.

My curiosity has taken me to study transpersonal psychotherapy and hypnotherapy where I hold international accreditation by EUROTAS.

Going deeper in life I had a strong calling for grief work - pushed by my own experience towards the decisive step. The more I look around, the more I see how we grieve so many things in our lives - not only the death of a loved one but also missing the parents we wanted and needed but never had, grieving the loss of trust with close one, grieving loss of control over one’s body, grieving major changes in our lives - even when they are positive. Grieving for what we had or really wanted to have but never will and in some cases never had. Acting from the place of grief, especially uncompleted grief creates more grief to the person him/herself and others around the person. It is my mission to bring release, hope and happiness to people’s lives through encouraging them to face their grief and guide them through concrete actions in reaching the completion to the pain.

Professionally I am a certified Grief Recovery specialist and trainer . The Grief Recovery Method is international scientifically proven programme on grief.

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