About me

My life has been a journey of excitement, achievements, constant change, losses, grief, falling deep, and rebirth. I used to say to myself that I have come to this earth to experience, experience a lot if not everything.

My educational background is in International business and diplomacy. For half of my adult life, I’ve worked in international arenas, representing Estonia where of course diplomacy was of high value. While busy in business and public sector, sipping also NGO atmosphere I always knew in my heart that there is a reason I had the difficulties I had in my life. I knew that experiencing them is useful in helping people in my later life period. And so it went. While running an international IT company I started studying Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy, took different additional courses on human psychology and approaches to support the deepest of journeys. Right at the end of school the work-life that I had known so far ended through burnout. It was time to do what my heart called me to do. I made the step and opened my own private practice.

I remember vividly a day after an intense Summer seminar I had participated in. I drove back home and suddenly I had an understanding that my calling is to support the grievers. At that time I did not follow the calling as it seemed a difficult path to take. It took some time until I became a griever myself. The experience touched me so deep that it pushed me to find out more about grief as I realized that none of my studies and methods helped me. I did not understand what happened to me and to be honest, I started questioning myself if what I experienced and felt and thought was normal. This is how my journey started as a Grief Counsellor. I love it. It is deep, it is emotional and very often very transformational and this is amazing! I am very fascinated by what happens to us after a loss and what is its impact and how to turn the biggest pain into a meaningful journey.

Professionally I run my own practice on grief counselling. To be honest, every person who turns to counselling, is a griever – there has been a loss of some kind that brings up emotions or inner blocks, closed circles and also physical symptoms. It is a calling for a change, a change that sometimes is painful to deliver. I have clients with sever depression, where doctors cannot help anymore and after some counselling there is no more need for antidepressants and their life has taken a beautiful turn. Did you know that the symptoms and grief are exactly the same?

I deliver speeches and workshops internationally and one of my greatest joy of year 2021 is opening a school in Armenia with my dear friend and a colleague Mr Jure Biechonski.

I teach therapists on grief, deliver training for grievers and plan to open up support groups in coming year. I love to see how enterprises more and more value their employees, offering the opportunity to cover grief counselling costs. This is amazing! I bow in front you.

Grief is a reaction to a loss of any kind! Also a loss of safety, loss of dreams and expectations, loss of something you always wanted but never had.

The Grief Recovery Method

From my heart to your heart,